The fifth Public Archaeology Twitter Conference (#PATC5 is to be held on the 29th May 2020.

The conference will be taking place on Twitter, so you don’t need to be anywhere, or travel, or even get out of bed.

Each ‘speaker’ will get a 15 minute slot. During this time, they can tweet between 12-20 tweets using the relevant hashtag about their paper.

Speakers can include any kind of media in their tweets, from images to GIFS (as long as they are suitable for a conference where there will inevitably be a global audience of different ages. No NSFW stuff please – while this is Twitter and trolls are inevitable, we’d still like to keep some level of professionalism among any jokes.)

The hashtag will inevitably be trolled or bot-ridden, such is life, we will do what we can as we go along. Ignore the haters. Block ‘n’ report. Look for an update on the blog for what hashtags will be in play! If you are presenting, make sure you tag each tweet in your thread with #PATC5!

Lorna and Jim will keep an eye on the tweets, timings and contributors, and hopefully keep it running smoothly. Questions and answers will be held after each paper if there is time to do so and if people are actually ‘live’ rather than scheduling tweets.

For guidelines on how you can actually ‘do’ the tweets for the papers, check the World Seabird Twitter Conference here for examples that actually work.


There will inevitably be some crossover, over-tweeting, discussion and problems with it all. This is an ongoing experiment, using a public, open and accessible format. We should expect it to be a bit playful, a bit messy, a bit daft at times and for it not to look or feel like a real-life tweeted conference. You are participating in something fun and supportive, and the presenters and organisers have given up their time for free to be part of it.

Please maintain a level of good humour and forgiveness accordingly.

Snark will be duly noted.

Revenge will be mine.