The #PATC5: Friday 29th May 2020 9am-8pm BST

The fifth (5th) Public Archaeology Twitter Conference will take place on Friday 29 May 2020.

‘Public Archaeology in Lockdown’

We’re all living different lives at the moment. It’s hard not to think to the future and try to imagine the changes this time might create in the short- and long-terms, for people, places, nations and the planet. There are a lot of huge questions being asked and one – some way down the list we’ll admit – is what this all means for heritage and archaeology. How might changes in how people move and behave, in education, in funding and in how we place ourselves between pasts and futures, impact public archaeology? What role does public archaeology and outreach have in a post-pandemic world? How are we filling, fixing or exploiting the gaps that have appeared all over society? How can we be public archaeologists from our sofas?

The timetable for the 29th May can be found here: PATC5 Timetable

We hold these conferences in order to continue our attempts to challenge the conference status quo in terms of communication, diversity and inclusivity. Conference attendance has many issues, such as funding and accessibility, as well as race and gender bias, so experimenting with new formats of ‘conferencing’ can contribute information which can be used to make archaeology safer and more accessible within as well as outside the profession.

Conferences that cost hundreds of pounds to attend were no longer financially viable for most people pre-Covid-19, and in the time of lockdown, Twitter conferences are good places to build alternative conference communities. Conferences that charge huge fees and discuss public and community archaeology are excluding the participants, communities and colleagues with whom we work who do not have access to travel and conference funds, those with caring responsibilities, those less likely to have social capital, those with disabilities, or simply those who do not have enough time to travel long distances. There needs to be an alternative.

The hashtag for the May 2020 event will be #PATC5.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to also use the contact page or tweet us @James__Dixon or @LornaRichardson