#PATC – An Equitable Archaeology? Call for Papers

The second Public Archaeology Twitter Conference will take place on 17 November 2017 on the theme:

An Equitable Archaeology?

The day will feature eight sessions with papers and discussion, each stemming from a provocation on the theme of equitability in archaeology. The current list is below, although we welcome submissions in related areas and are open to creating new sessions to accommodate relevant, popular concerns. Do you have an answer to any of these questions?

Can non-archaeologists do archaeology?

(How) can archaeology make a difference in the world?

Can archaeology intervene in politics?

Are academics and professionals all ‘archaeologists’?

Is archaeology inherently elitist?

Archaeology is by who for who?

Is it ok to exclude anyone from our work?

What are we doing to make an equitable archaeology? Is it enough?

The deadline for abstract submissions is October 2nd 2017

Use the Contact form on the site to submit your abstract.