#PATC An Equitable Archaeology: Timetable

Friday 17 November 2017 

(Please note all times are in GMT)

All sessions will use the hashtag #PATC

Abstracts and timetable can be downloaded as a PDF here: PATC Timetable and Abstracts_2


10am-10.30 Lorna-Jane Richardson & James Dixon: A Conversation About Equitable Archaeologies

Session 1: Archaeology and Politics

11am Florence Smith Nicholls: “Archaeogaming is a Political Matter”

11.15am Penelope Foreman: “Whither wheatfields? Archaeologists challenging political use of faux-nostalgia and constructed heritage in the UK”

11.30am Jens Crueger: “Archaeology intervening in politics – learning from the past to create a better future?”

11.45am Fiona McKendrick: “Political figurehead or grassroots change: Untangling archaeology’s relationship with cultural heritage in contemporary politics”

11.45am onwards Discussion


Session 2: Who Counts?

1pm Marta Alberti: “Vindolanda: a case study in volunteer-based archaeology”

1.15pm Trowelblazers: “Call Yourself a TrowelBlazer? Women’s Unprofessional History in Archaeology”

1.30pm Rick Alexander: “Just Like Using a Dustpan & Brush”

1.45pm Summer Jasmin Oxlade: “Elite Excavation: Is accessible archaeology a far-fetched dream?”

2pm John Vandergugten: “An archaeology of and with animals?”

2.15pm onwards Discussion


Session 3: Openness and Ownership

3pm Louise Grove & Adam Daubney: “Can you dig it? Openness and offending in archaeology”

3.15pm Jolene Smith: “Opening* Archaeological Archives”

3.30pm Deanna Bailey: “What can the United States take from Irish Archaeology? Perceptions, ownership, and equity in the Republic of Ireland”

3.45pm onwards Discussion



Session 4: Diversity

5pm Laura Heath-Stout: “Who Writes about Archaeology? An Intersectional Study of Authorship in American Anthropological Journals”

5.15pm Elisa Perego & Veronica Tamorri: “Inclusivity as a strategy for a more equitable academic archaeology”

5.30pm Ian Mackey: “Sense and sensitivity”

5.45pm Bob Muckle: “Having Difficult Conversations about Sexual Misconduct in Archaeology”

6pm onwards Discussion


Session 5: Activism and Outreach

7pm Nicole Danielle Martensen: “The Internet as a Tool for Archaeological Activism and Outreach”

7.15pm David Anderson: “Archaeology as a Tool to Fight “Alternative Facts”

7.30pm Andrew Reinhard: “Your work is more important than you are: towards anonymous academic publication”

7.45pm Katherine Cook: “Creative Disruptions of the Classroom: Teaching Activism By Changing the Story (and how we tell it)”

8pm onwards Discussion