#PATC An Equitable Archaeology: UnKeynotes

Thursday 16 November 4pm – 6.15pm GMT

4pm GMT: Opening ceremony: Jim Dixon & Lorna-Jane Richardson


4.15pm GMT: Jaime Almansa-Sánchez “Challenge Accepted: Answers for all in 8 slides”

Abstract: Some say I’m daring… That’s why I will answer the eight questions of this year’s call in eight sentences and eight slides. Basically all of them are about what we understand as archaeology, so this will be the starting point of my presentation, trying to offer some light to a debate that is taking too long. In sum, paraphrasing Marx: Archaeologists debate a lot about what archaeology can be; now is time do it.


4.45pm GMT: Ulla Rajala “Yes we can!”

Abstract: In this Twitter presentation, I will argue that the modern self-critical, ethical and forward looking archaeology has developed into a potential force for good. New research methods have enabled archaeologists answer many questions that were not possible even a decade ago and critical theoretical viewpoints allow assessing and reassessing issues from past to present. In order to make my point, I will give a series of examples from the work different archaeologists do and have done that allows us to forget the days when archaeology could be considered as an interesting hobby without much value in the real world. The examples range from finding proofs for ecological damage caused by the humans to tracking illicit antiquities and tackling with dark heritage. If they do not laud their own work themselves, I will!


5.15pm GMT: Brian Kerr & Hugh Corley “Health and Safety, Bullying and Harassment Inductions for Archaeological Field Staff”

Abstract: A recent report by Nelson, Rutherford, Hinde and Clancy http://rdcu.be/wUOx/ highlights the importance of setting clear guidance on appropriate professional behaviour and rules on field projects. For years we have started every field project with a Health and Safety induction. Following problems on some projects with bullying, we extended this induction process with a bullying and harassment briefing. This runs through a range of behaviours that are unacceptable in the workplace, makes it clear that it is our responsibility as employers to resolve any issues that arise, and to set out the options for reporting any problems, through management, HR, colleagues and the Union. The harassment section has expanded substantially, partly in response to discussions triggered by the briefings, and also in the aftermath of the ‘Glass Ceilings’ session at CIfA conference 2015, which led to the establishment of an Equality and Diversity Special Interest Group, and the advent of @EveryDigSexism, which created a vehicle for the sharing of experiences. We cannot be the only employer doing this in UK archaeology, and it would be good to share experiences so that we can improve what we do.


5.45pm GMT: Raksha Dave “Liberte, egalite, archaeology: is archaeology equitable?”

Abstract: Is archaeology a representative profession? This paper aims to stimulate debate surrounding the overarching themes of the conference by exploring juxtaposing factions within the sector. By highlighting the paradigms and paradoxes archaeologists generally face, have we managed to address fundamental core issues – do we really practice in an equitable space?


6pm onwards: Discussions close at 6.15 pm when a wine/soft drinks reception will take place in the hashtag #PATC until c.8pm GMT. Please come along if you can, BYO beverage of choice, introduce yourself, lurk or do whatever you feel most comfortable with in public space. Jim and Lorna will be on hand for further discussion and technical support if necessary.