Instructions for Contributors

Hello contributors!

First of all, thank you very much for proposing your paper for the second Public Archaeology Twitter Conference! You took a leap of faith! This is an experiment, but, having been inspired by the World Seabird Twitter Conference, it makes sense to share and adapt (i.e. nick) some of their hints and tips from their experiences.

You have been given a time slot in which to tweet your research based on your geographic location. Make sure your account is not private and your tweets are not protected, otherwise we will be unable to see them.

Draft your tweets ahead of time in order to avoid issues during the event.

  • Presentations have 15 minutes each and are allowed a maximum of 15 tweets (each tweet is 140 characters unless you have 280, in which case, lucky you!). Tweet one per minute or similar, which will then allow some time after the session for questions or comments – people may carry on commenting for days afterwards, so expect some traffic to your Twitter account after your paper is delivered
  • Every tweet should be numbered and start with the hashtag #PATC (e.g., 1 #PATC). Please thread your tweets carefully i.e.  try replying to yourself with each tweet, so that they are displayed together on Twitter.
  • Your tweets should start with an introductory tweet
  • Links and pictures are encouraged!